Friday, March 8, 2013

Gunning For Campus: Examining the Impacts of Gun Violence on College Universities.

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When I showed up to the lecture, they had a huge buffet and a line of people waiting for their free lunch. This guy sitting in front of me ate like a barbarian. Snapping his gums all disgustingly. Ew!

Of course I didn't have any because I haven't eaten anything since 1997. Anyway, I went to a lecture in about gun violence which was lead by Dr. Nicole Anderson Cobb. She is a member of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (Photographed below).

She travels to different universities to educate students on gun violence to help increase a safer community. When she goes to elementary schools, she has the students draw their feelings about gun violence and features then in her office. 

She thinks it's important to talk about to students because it's an issue that endangers everyone. Not only that, but all of the people she is speaking to in the schools are the future philanthropists and innovators that will help spread the word and reduce gun violence. Already, over 30,000 people die a year due to gun violence, and it's predicted to increase because Illinois is changing it's laws. In the new laws, more people will be able to carry weapons in public places legally. What does that mean to our everyday safety? She fears what the future may hold. It will impact the way we move and react in our everyday lives. She wants to educate new students, transfers, and internationals on these new laws that they probably won't be aware of so we can all be safe. There were three categories of gun violence she focused on:
1) Mass Shootings-Public places with people held hostage and shot up for no reason.
2) House Parties-Altercations resulting in gun violence.
3) Community Crime Alerts.

A lot of people think Champaign is a safe bubble and don't know much about the dangers here. A surprising example, most people probably don't know that there were 44 police recordings involving guns this week in Urbana. None were shootings, but just gun possessions. One woman was charged for posing her baby with a gun in a photo and texting it to her friends. Also, there was a shooting here in a fraternity house that made news years ago. The victim was not killed, but severely injured. It's crazy to think that a night out where you are anticipating fun can lead to an innocent death. 

It is also argued that the government shouldn't focus on gun laws, but rather those of mental health. 

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