Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kickin' It With Found Magazine

Hello there, I see you. This week, I kicked it with Found Magazine.

What is Found Magazine? It's a collection of notes, receipts, crumpled paper, or anything found, like below. 

You can view more of these on
Davy Rothbart is the creator of Found Magazine (Pictured Below). He also wrote a book called "My Heart Is An Idiot", writes regularly for GQ, and his work also appears in the New Yorker, The New York Times, and The Believer. He has also directed four films, but his most accomplished work is this magazine.

How did the magazine start? Davy found a note on the windshield of his car one day. It said "Mario, I hate you, I don't know why your car is here if you're supposed to be at work. I really hate you. Page me later." He thought it was a shame that only the people finding these hilarious notes were able to witness this hilarity. He wanted to share it with the world, so he started a magazine. At first, he wanted it just to be a zine, but it people kept on buying it and he sold boxes full, and people kept on sending him stuff to put into the next issue. 

He then went on to read us some of his favorite things from the magazine like a note that said, "Can I give you a sensual massage? Then I will talk about Jesus". My favorite was the three mysterious faxes someone received in the middle of the night. They said "I just want Gigi back. You're a cruel, emotional, insane man. Do you do this to all your girlfriends? If you don't give Gigi back I'm going to call the police please I just want her back!" Then, the last fax said "Sorry, wrong fax number."
The magazine also collects funny receipts found. One of the ones I thought was funny showed the purchases "Gun, Gun, Ski Mask, Nerds". A burglar must have had a sweet tooth! 

Moving on, this is Davy's brother Peter Rothbart. 

Peter is an award winning songwriter and the front man for folk rock group "The Poem Adept". He makes music, songs, and poems based on all of these findings. He sang three of these original songs off of his solo albums for us. The first one was called " Bus Or Beer?" and was about a man debating whether he should go buy beer and miss the last bus home, or just go home. The second one was "Baddest Nissans In The Northwest". He saw a girl in a coffee shop and fell in love with her on the spot. Over a decade later, he wrote her a letter confessing his feelings. She never got the letter because the letter was sent in to Found Magazine. The last song he sang was a ridiculous song called "Booty Don't Stop" which was based off of an underground rap cassette they found on the floor. 

Alex and I were dancing in the back row. (Not really)
That music was NOT OKAY!

That's all for this week!!!

See you next week my beautiful little fuckers.


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