Friday, April 5, 2013

A Day With Lucas Brooks

Hello my pretty little miners! Today, my lipgloss is poppin', my lipgloss is cool. All the boys be jockin', they chase me after school!

I went to the LGBT Center on campus this week for an event by Miss Lucas. Lucas is a writer who performs his talent through skits. He is also a sex educator in NYC, and usually does a one man show. He runs a blog on his own as well, "Top To Bottom". Today he held a workshop on internet dating for gays. He didn't talk much about lesbians because there aren't as many options for lesbies...sorry gals! But we'll get to that later. 

Lucas is in the grey.

First, he gave tips on creating online profiles...this was a bit boring for me because it was kind of the average givens. Be completely honest with yourself, don't lie, focus on things you like about yourself...etc. He talked about faking confidence for those who are self-conscious. Also, have a face picture. In the gay scene, especially closet cases, there are a lot of floating headless torsos on the internet. It gets pretty creepy. He made a good point...would you talk to somebody in a bar if they came up to you with a hood over their entire face? No. NEXT!
Think positive, don't write about things you dislike in people. It's rude. Be careful with your "nakey" never know where they'll end up. My case, probably TMZ. When hooking up with someone, always tell a friend where your going in case you go missing. It's more safe to meet in public obviously. And of course, always have safe sex! Oh, and random fact, happy assault awareness month!

The next part of the workshop was more interesting to me. He informed us on all of the different dating sites and smart phone apps out there. I've heard about one or two of them, but never knew there was that many! There is OKCupid, which is gender polarizing. It has a mix of everyone, and is good to meet friends and for dates. Another is called "HowBoutWe"which is more corky and flirty. It asks you questionnaires and asks about what type of dates you want to go on. When people read these profiles, they say "Oh that date sounds fun! Let's do it!" And BAM! A spark. Grindr is one of the most FAMOUS gay smart phone apps so I wasn't surprised when he talked about it. From my personal experience, Grindr is nasty. It's strictly for homosexuals, which already isn't my nitch market seeing that mostly straight men are attracted to me. Also, most of it is full of the floating torsos I mentioned earlier like this.

Blendr is the straight equivalent to Grindr, and by the same makers. Tinder is a different app by a different maker that is for everyone, and is less of a dirty hooking up, but more for dates. This one allows you to like people you think are attractive, and in order for you to be able to converse with them, they have to like you back. Smart idea because it weeds out the creeps. One of the dating sites I found funny was Fetlife. This site is for kinky sex forums and meeting people into really strange fetishes. There must be something out there for everyone! 
Just be safe!
And don't yuck someone else's yum!

Until next week...
-Gino <3

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