Sunday, April 21, 2013

David Yost: The Blue Power Ranger

Hello Miners!!! This week I dragged my boyfriend with me to mine with me. Say hi!!!

This week, we went to a lecture about the life of David Yost who was the first original blue Power Ranger. This is him below. 

And this is the boy sitting in front of us with his but crack hanging out.

Anyway, David began by telling us about his childhood. He said he always knew he was gay ever since he was little. He had a crush on his neighbor when he was 3. Hi mother walked in on the two little boys playing doctor and feeling each other, and he felt ashamed of being gay. In 2nd grade, his friend Alan was very flamboyant.  At recess, Alan would run around with a cape pretending to be Wonder Woman and kiss boys on the cheek. Alan would get made fun of, and David joined in to hide who he was. In 5th grade, David was at a cookout when his neighbor walked out of his car in a purple shirt. His family all made fun of the man saying how he's a faggot for always wearing purple. He again joined in and mocked his neighbor to hide himself more and deny who he was. In the 80's, Rock Hudson was the first big celebrity to die of AIDS. In 8th grade, a student brought a National Enquirer to class with the story of the man dying of AIDS on the cover. The students all made fun of Rock Hudson saying that's what happens when you're gay. He was confused...would he die if he was gay? 

In high school, David was spit on, threatened, and had his car vandalized because the jocks all thought he seemed gay. He was afraid to go to school at one point. He chose to be silent and not fight back with violence, but rather hide who he was to protect himself. 

After high school, David went to a private college in Iowa. He woke up in bed on October 19th and told himself, "Wow, I'm really gay". He was done begging God to take the gay away from him. He accepted himself and began to date guys, but he couldn't express himself publicly in a private college. He felt a though he was always forced to silence himself. When he graduated, his boyfriend broke up with him and he drove to L.A. crying. He was heartbroken and told God, "I will never be gay again if you just make me a successful actor". He thought his prayers were answered because 3 months later, he landed the Power Rangers. He was filming TV Shows, Movies, and had fans all over the world.

Filming producers started realizing his mannerisms and assumed David was gay. He's hear people make comments and make fun of him every day on set. He went home one night at his whit's end and contemplated suicide. He didn't end up attempting it and decided to push forward through all the rumors. In the 90's he was jeprodisring the show because it wasn't socially acceptable to be gay. He felt a lot of pressure. His Co-star was asked by producers to out David's sexuality behind his back. There were no Human Resources at the time for David to vent to. He felt trapped. He made an oath to himself that next time he heard someone talking about his sexuality, he'd walk out in silence. He did this in the middle of filming one day when the producers murmured something. The production company threatened to sue him. David said "Okay", and never returned back to the show. He begged God to take the gay away again and did everything he could spiritually to pray the gay away. He went to psychics, spiritual healers, and eventually had a nervous breakdown and checked himself into a hospital. He was terrified when his mom was sitting across from him and he didn't even recognize her. His mind was gone. He spent 20 years hating himself and the world thought he was beyond help or an abomination. Laying in bed in the hospital, he felt the medication kicking in and pleaded to God one last time. "If you give me my mind back, I'll be gay". He lost everything going for him numerous times, but continued to accept himself. 

David comes to speak to us in hopes that no matter what you are in the LGBT community, you know you are okay and nothing needs to change. He hopes people learn from his torture that he put himself through and don't do the same to themselves. 

Every day people will try to silence you, but it's up to you to holler back at them. 

Until next time my little miners! 



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